Monday, March 02, 2009

John O'Dolan RIP

I met the property magnate (cum auctioneer and owner of the Island of Ireland) only once. It was easy to be impressed by his energy and vigour. He gave the two of us perhaps 20 or 25 minutes of his time, although the meeting was peppered with his 3 second "call-me-back-I'm-in-a-meeting" chats on his mobile phone. The conversation we had came to nothing, for various reasons but as I said, it was easy to be impressed by him and perhaps even to be overwhelmed by him.

The Irish Independent reports that Mr O'Dolan was found dead in a shed on his property in Galway. One report claims that he may have taken his own life, due to business worries but the Gardaí say that they are treating it as "a tragic accident". In either event, perhaps anyone reading this might offer a prayer for the repose of his soul. He has gone where we all must in time, and wealth or worldly success will do none of us any good there. Prayer will.

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Mrs Doyle said...

Whatever the cause of Mr O'Dolan's death, I offer my prayers for his soul and for his family.

I really worry for the collective mental health of Ireland during this difficult period of economic turbulence.

I hope and pray that people will keep a healthy perspective on wealth, and perhaps this is the time for excesses to be curtailed.