Monday, March 23, 2009

Honoring (sic) Obama

The University of Notre Dame du Lac of South Bend, Indiana, USA, is something of a contradiction. It often claims (or it's graduates claim for it) somehow to represent American Catholicism in all its tarnished glory. Let any other American Catholic (or any other Catholic at all) try to criticise it however, and Domers (as they often nicknamed) will explain forcefully how only they are in a position to understand what's going on, and so all criticism is best left to them. Likewise, ND claims to be a Catholic university and makes that claim fairly strongly. Yet their then-President was not only a signatory to but a prime mover behind the Land O'Lakes statement which severed the mar-dhea Catholic University from the Catholic Church. They claim to be "Our Lady's University" but they sponsor (i.e. pay for, not merely permit or tolerate) performances of Eve Ensler's obscene rape fantasy. (It's somehow supposed to be OK because it depicts lesbian abuse of a minor, rather than abuse committed by a man.)

The least serious , and let's face it most hilarious contradiction is their moniker "The Fighting Irish"; they were founded by a Frenchman Edward Sorin and they are almost all Americans.

The biggest contradiction yet is their decision to offer an honorary doctorate to Barack Hussein Obama, the most ruthlessly pro-abortion President of the United States ever. Apparently they offer this honour routinely to whomever happens to be President at the time. Frankly, in the ongoing and close-fought battle to reclaim Notre Dame as a Catholic university, this could well mark the moment when the Catholics began their long slide to final defeat. Let's pray that this proves not to be the case.

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