Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Von Tone-Deaf Family Singers present ...

The Definitive Answer to every busybody who thinks someone else's generously sized family is their problem.

The parents of this wonderful family finally got tired of all the silly and disrespectful comments they were getting from total strangers about having seven children; especially true for the Mom. (My own mother tells me that she experienced the same nonsense when we - all 7 of us - were small.)

I've embedded it here but it's even more fun if you look at it here because the seventh commenter down turns out to be the one and only Aussie Mum of 7!

Anyway, this is by way of a thank you to my own parents, and as a friend of mine - who is childless - commented, think of all the people like him whose pensions will be paid by the earnings of all those grown-up kids from big families!

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lowdenclear said...

Yes, I'd spotted that last week and had a laugh... I couldn't remember if I'd forwarded it to you or not... If I didn't, I meant to! :-s