Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Graecum est non legitur ...

During the Middle Ages in the West a misunderstanding of all things Eastern (by which I mean the Christian East) was de rigeur. We've gotten beyond that thank God, and during the Pontificate of John Paul II of blessed memory, Eastern Catholics finally began to be appreciated by us (i.e. their Western, Roman-rite brothers). For those in or around Dublin who aren't already aware of it, the following event might be of interest. (It comes courtesy of Peadar Laighléis, President of the LMSI.)

I just received an announcement from Monsignor Ó Céileachair which I am happy to pass on.

Sunday 27 May will see a Pontifical Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in St. Alphonsus Chapel, Drumcondra, Dublin 9 at 3pm. The St. Alphonsus Chapel is the beautiful chapel of the Redemptoristine Convent which was sold for development several years ago (c. 2000); in which applications were unsucessfully made to rezone it for commercial use; which was almost destroyed by fire in 2001; and which was put on the market again some months ago (some people alerted me to that). As I have said, the chapel is beautiful and though it was originally Latin rite, it is particularly sympathetic to the Eastern liturgy. This is the first time it has been used as a chapel since the Redemptoristines moved out late in the last Millennium.

The principal celebrant of the Pontifical Divine Liturgy will be one of the least known bishops in the Irish hierarchy, Bishop Hlib, Apostolic Visitor to the Eastern Catholics in Ireland. The Liturgy will commemorate:

1. The 15th anniversary of the Greek Catholic congregation in Dublin;
2. the 30th anniversary of Bishop Hlib's ordination to the priesthood;
3. the 40th anniversary of Father Archimandrite Ó Céileachair to the priesthood; and
4. the 75th anniversary of the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin where Blessed Nicholas Charnetsky (bishop and martyr) offered the first Catholic Divine Liturgy in Ireland.

All are welcome, and you may pass it on.


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