Sunday, September 04, 2011

Enda Kenny - Guilty of a Terminological Inexactitude?

"Terminological inexactitude" is the polite phrase that covers the reality of a person making a claim while knowing that it is untrue, or at least being recklessly careless about whether it is true or not. In ordinary language, we call that lying. Sadly an Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD, in his speech on July 20th in Dáil Éireann did just that. He lied and he knows that he lied, and he hasn't the guts to apologise. Specifically the Holy See's response to Eamon Gilmore's demand for all sorts of explanations states in Section 2
In particular, the accusation that the Holy See attempted "to frustrate an Inquiry in a sovereign, democratic republic as little as three years ago, not three decades ago", which Mr Kenny made no attempt to substantiate, is unfounded. Indeed, when asked, a Government spokesperson clarified that Mr Kenny was not referring to any specific incident.
The Holy See in all likelihood couldn't give a fiddler's whether Enda ever says sorry but the Irish people should. Enda lied to the House, and through them to the Irish People, and should reconvene the House urgently in order to set the record straight. In the middle of mismanaging the economy (for the benefit of a European/German currency) Enda needs all the unpopular enemies he can get, so I imagine he'll continue this nauseating portrayal of himself as some sort of heroic figure confronting the evil Vatican. In this he'll be urged on and never critically challenged by the State Media Apparatus (RTE/Irish Times etc.) I had hoped earnestly that this gombeen might be an improvement on the Biffo but sadly it was not to be.

Aetas parentum peior avis tulit nos nequiores, mox daturos progenium
vitiosiorem. Q. Horatius Flaccus, Odes III, 6

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