Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The kindness of strangers

It's a shock and a surprise but in a very pleasant way to see how good people can be, even in this hectic and sometimes cruel world. A few weeks ago I was running a little late and thus hurrying through Dartmouth Square toward Leeson St. Of course, careless speed no less than pride goeth before a fall. This fall was, if I say so myself, spectacular. My fall was broken by my face. There was little noticeable change, at least once I stopped bleeding. My glasses were broken too, and I was generally aching and sore.

Out of the blue a receptionist emerged from a neighbouring office, offering help. Her boss followed with a chair, then some ministering angel brought a hot cup of tea. Anti-septic wipes, tissues and plasters followed, as did a kind bystander who used my mobile to call my 9am appointment to explain why I was really very late.

It was heartening to discover that, in the timeless words of Fr Werenfried van Straaten OPraem, "people are better than you think!" Deo gratias.

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