Thursday, April 02, 2009

Getting married?

Those getting married in the newer form of the Roman Rite have lots of resources available, including Wedding Mass texts and readings downloadable from various sites. Those getting married in the Traditional Roman Rite have relatively few. One can, of course, buy the Nuptial Mass equivalent of the Famous Little Red Book. Unfortunately the form of vows in that text are not those approved by the Irish Bishops and are thus not usable in Ireland. Also, the booklet is (understandably) generic rather than personalised. A solution has been cobbled together by your truly, together with Lowdenclear and various others.

So if you need a Nuptial Mass booklet in MS Word or OpenOffice, leave a comment below including your contact email and I'll send it along. Please note that the Mass (Ordinary and Proper) is good anywhere for the Traditional Roman Rite BUT the vows are usable only in the Dioceses of Ireland. The text is complete, in Latin and English but does NOT include any extra Civil declarations (e.g. about absence of impediments or the like). If you need to have it in PDF format for a printing firm, download OpenOffice from here, open the file in their Writer and then hit the PDF button. You will also need Old London font to display the section headings correctly. I'll attach a zip file with the email, just in case the download location won't work for you. Et voilà!

Lastly, once you get the .doc or .odt file, it's up to you what you do with it; in other words it's a free gift that entails no responsibility on my part. Use it, edit it if you need to, delete it if you like or pass it on to anyone else who needs it. The texts are in the public domain so all I've put in is formatting. Enjoy!

PS If you find mistakes, please let me know; the fewer typos, the merrier!

UPDATED: I've uploaded the .doc version to; you can get it here. Use the "Download" button to get an editable Word version and don't forget to get Old London from to make it display correctly.


Colleen said...

HI!! I just wanted tell you how excited I was to find a blog written by an Irish man named Eamonn. My third son's name is Eamon, and nobody in the US has heard of it. My Dad was born and raised in Donegal, so we love all things Irish!!

Anonymous said...

I would be very grateful to receive a copy of the nuptial Mass booklet, if you are so kind. Thank you. Fr. Hood. (