Monday, June 19, 2006

Finally living up to the title....

This blog will, by this time next week, have lived up to its name twice! Once was three weeks ago with a few other Latin Mass Trads and associated enthusiasts between Paris and Chartres. A few incidentally translates as about 14,000 or so. Some of them are on view here and some more of them can be found here - though be sure to look at the latter full size. The pictures come out a bit blotchy in any reduced format. There will also be some photos on this blog soon courtesy of la coordination parisienne du Chapitre Saint Patrick. This is of course not just an organisation but also a person, M. Ciarán MacGuill de Clichy (by way of Dundalk).

The other justification for the title (peregrinus i.e. pilgrim) is the Annual Bealach Colm Cille or Way of St Colmcille. It should by rights be a two day affair from the ruins of St Mobhi's Monastery in Glasnevin (northern suburbs of Dublin) to Glendalough in Co Wicklow (approximately 25 miles south of Dublin city). However the logistics proved too much this year so the Bealach 2006 will be only one day from St Columcille's Well on Ballycullen Road (Dublin 14) over the mountains to Glendalough. It's about 25 miles in all so you'd have to be reasonably fit to manage it. For those who have no clue about how to get to St Colmcille's well, it's right next to the Augustinian house at Orlagh which has directions and even maps! So next Saturday the 24th of June at 7.30 am, St Colmcille's Well if you holy enough or mad enough! BTW for those who fade halfway through, we'll be able to provide a lift rather than just abandoning you on the mountain. If you feel like coming along drop us a line so we'll know to expect you.

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JPSonnen said...

cool. the chartres trip is always a lot of fun. vive le christ-roi!